Morocco joins the Club of Unmanned Drone Manufacturers

In a significant step forward, Morocco is now the first Arab country in North Africa and the Middle East to have an advanced drone manufacturing factory. This news is the result of the efforts of the arms company “BlueBird”, specializing in the design and manufacture of unmanned drones.

Revelation made after the first successful field test of a type of drone newly equipped for the Royal Moroccan Armed Forces. In this demonstration, the drone was deployed to attack a Ratel IFV type armored vehicle, hitting its target and causing it to explode, as shown in a video posted on the BlueBird website.

This drone, designed for single use, is launched from lightweight platforms and propelled electrically. Its main objective is to serve in reconnaissance and attack missions, through the integration of specialized systems and on-board sensors.

This technological advancement places Morocco among the nations with drone manufacturing capabilities, marking an important step in the development of its defense and security capabilities.

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