Bensaid: “Cultural tourism, a lever for the attractiveness of the national tourist offer”


Cultural tourism is a lever for diversifying the national tourism offer and improving its attractiveness, particularly in view of the organization of the 2030 Football World Cup, said Tuesday the Minister of Youth, Culture and Communication, Mohamed Mehdi Bensaid.

The richness of the national cultural heritage represents an opportunity to raise awareness of the tourism industry in Morocco, as an important vector of consumption of craft products, cultural and creative industries, underlined Mr. Bensaid who presented a presentation on “the efforts of the ministry in the service of promoting cultural tourism” before the thematic commission responsible for preparing the annual session of evaluation of public policies in the tourism field (Chamber of Advisors).

He noted in this regard that the direct or indirect consumption of cultural content is not without impact on other sectors of the country's economy, noting for example that the evaluation of such an impact in the The case of the Gnaoua and World Music Festival in Essaouira shows that each dirham invested in this event brings 17 dirhams to the city.

The supervisory ministry has worked for the establishment of heritage promotion centers dedicated to the preservation of cultural heritage and the development of the local heritage offer, particularly in remote areas by integrating them into tourist circuits, a- he continued, specifying that the Ighoud center is emerging as a separate model since it connects a site of global archaeological importance to the Safi-Marrakech-Essaouira tourist circuit.

With the same aim of raising awareness of the history of archaeological sites, the ministry has launched a series of activities focused on heritage under the banner of “nostalgia”, including cultural programs, theatrical plays and other events. artistic projects aimed at highlighting various civilizations. This cultural event which extends over the current year concerns the sites of Chellah, the Bahia Palace and the El Badi Palace.

On the other hand, the film sector in turn contributes to the strengthening of tourist activity and the promotion of Morocco as a tourist destination, he added, recalling that the Kingdom remains a privileged destination for film production. , due to its geographical diversity, its natural landscapes and its historic towns.

Mr. Bensaid also mentioned the challenges to be met in this area, chief among which is the promotion of Morocco's image on the internet and on social networks at a time when the Kingdom is engaged in preparations for the organization of the 2030 World Cup. Emphasis must be placed on social developments in tourism, environmental concerns, sustainability and authentic experiences, while ensuring the exploration of new sectors of cultural tourism , including contemporary and industrial heritage, in addition to strengthening interministerial cooperation and partnerships with elected officials and civil society.

For his part, the president of the thematic commission responsible for preparing the annual session devoted to public policies in the tourism field, Mohamed Hanine, indicated that this meeting is part of a spirit of evaluation of programs and public policies on which The ministry is working to improve the attractiveness of Morocco in terms of tourism.

He noted in this regard that the executive is working to promote the tourism sector through a series of complementary projects, intended among other things to make culture a real tool for attracting tourism at both local and international levels. internationally and to promote the potential that the Kingdom abounds in areas of cultural significance.

Cultural tourism, he said, is of paramount importance among public policies given the convergence of related programs in the synergy of programs with those of the Ministry of Tourism, Crafts and Social Economy and solidarity within the framework of the 2023-2026 roadmap.

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