Hard blow for the Polisario… The Spanish Air Navigation Administration publishes a complete map of Morocco.

The Spanish Air Navigation Management Company has officially adopted a comprehensive map of Morocco, covering most of its national territory, showing the kingdom's sovereignty over its airspace in the south.

The Spanish newspaper “El Independiente” reported in an article published last Sunday that the maps available in the web application dedicated to drone operations are now officially based on the map of Morocco, including the Moroccan Sahara.

The Spanish newspaper also noted that Madrid and Rabat agreed to start talks on cooperation in airspace management, regarding issues such as air traffic safety or communications, and these discussions are ongoing. This indicates a transition from Spanish administration of Western Sahara airspace to Morocco.

Air traffic management in the region covering the Canary Islands and the Moroccan Sahara is the responsibility of Spain, but Morocco is considering taking over management of the Moroccan Sahara airspace from Spain.

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