Algerian international Youssef Blayli enters the world of song


Youssef Blayli (32 years old), the star of Mouloudia of Algiers and the Algerian national team, entered the world of song, in an approach which coincides with the good and positive results that he achieved with his team during the current 2023-2024 football season.

Youssef Blayli has appeared in videos on social media, performing a song in which he hopes to win the Algerian championship title with his club MCA, a title which could be reinforced with a second title if his team wins the Algerian Cup. 'Algeria.

Blayli performed this song with the famous Algerian youth singer known as “Jalil Palermo”, thus showing internationally a new talent that many did not know, in addition to his undisputed talent and technique on the ground.

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