The United States ranks the Moroccan army’s artillery more powerful than that of Algeria with a big difference.

In a recent official ranking published by the American “Insider Monkey”, the artillery of the Moroccan army obtained an advanced rank at the Arab and world level in terms of power, equipment and development.

In this regard, the ranking placed Moroccan artillery in 20th place in the world, third in the Arab world and second in North Africa after Egypt, and in first position in the Maghreb. The artillery of the Moroccan army took a considerable lead over its Algerian counterpart according to the same ranking.

The artillery of the Moroccan army obtained 393 points in the ranking, which confirmed that the total artillery units held by the Moroccan armed forces amount to 1079 units, with 565 self-propelled guns and 306 towed guns, as well as as more than 200 missile launchers.

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