The United States is investing in the Moroccan Sahara and its exports to the Kingdom are increasing.

This week, the United States Embassy in Morocco announced the financing of projects in the Moroccan Sahara, more precisely in the regions of Dakhla and Laâyoune. The US Embassy described this initiative as “good news” for the regions of Dakhla and Laâyoune, confirming that the funding will amount to $500,000 per project and is open to all proposals aimed at strengthening overall economic growth in the Moroccan Sahara.

This announcement comes amid a rush by several countries to invest in the Moroccan Sahara, due to the promising opportunities offered by the Kingdom, as well as the advanced infrastructure that has strengthened the southern region, particularly after the launch of the Atlantic project. .

Along with this, US exports to Morocco have increased significantly in recent years, thanks to the strong relationship between the two countries as well as trade and economic benefits.

US exports to Morocco reached $3.8 billion last year, up $34 million from 2022 figures. US exports to Morocco have been strengthened since the entry into force of the free trade agreement between the two countries.

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