The Crown season 5 premiers in November, centered around Elizabeth II’s reign

The fifth season of the Netflix original series ‘The Crown’ following the reign and life of late queen Elizabeth II, premiers in November.

The historical drama was created by Peter Morgan to cover the life of British royals. It has been commended and criticized for its depiction of historical events.

The sixth season’s production has officially paused following the queen’s death, ‘out of respect, the creator told Rolling Stone magazine.

Through the seasons, three actresses have portrayed the queen to show her in her early years from before taking the reign to much later.

Peter Morgan wrote the screenplay for ‘The Queen’ starring Helen Mirren as Queen Elizabeth, which landed the actress an Oscar for best actress at the 79th Academy wards.

Morgan was nominated for best screenplay.

The Crown has received endless backlash, especially from the British government.

The British ministry of culture called for a fiction label on the show to clear out that it is just a historical drama coming from fictitious events.

The award-winning show’s upcoming season will be covering major events leading up to Princess Diana’s death.

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