Renault to manifacture the first electric car made in Morocco

French multinational automobile manufacturer Renault celebrated 10 years of its Tangier factory and announced it will manufacture the first electric car fully ‘Made in Morocco.’

The electric car, called ‘Duo,’  is a part of a new promising project designed to meet the needs of drivers, and to reinforce the group’s confidence in the Moroccan industrial capabilities by kicking off the introduction of Moroccan manufacturing electrification technologies announced in June 2021 during the renewal of agreements aimed at consolidating the Renault ecosystem,

‘Mobilize DUO’, the car for two, aims to integrate 50% recycled materials in its manufacture and to be recyclable 95% recyclable at the end of its life.

Renault’s Tangier site has been known for accomplishing exceptional achievements and helping the Moroccan automotive industry.

Mohamed Bachiri, general director of Renault Morocco declared that the new project is an adventure driven by passion.head

Back in January, Renault and Japanese auto giant Nissan announced their collaboration in the manufacturing of electric cars over the next 5 years, with an allocated budget of USD 26 billion.

The agreement comes as part of both car companies’ efforts to transition to cleaner, and more environmentally friendly vehicles in the medium term.

Starting in 2020, Renault has shifted its entire Dacia Sandero production from Romania to the company’s plants that are based in Casablanca and Tangier, which can be justified by the 50% lower labor costs.

Renault’s new plans align with Morocco’s hopes to head toward green mobility by powering the production of electric vehicles using renewable energy.

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