Water crisis: Towards the lifting of restrictions on hammams and car washes


The Minister of the Interior, Abdellatif Laftit, indicated that he had called on the walis of the regions and the governors of the prefectures and provinces of the Kingdom to hold meetings with the owners of hammams and car washing stations in order to review the decision to partially close these spaces.

The minister specified that this measure comes due to the improvement in the water situation due to rainfall recorded in certain regions recently, taking into account the social conditions of workers in the sector.

These statements were made in response to a parliamentary question on the decision to close hammams for three days a week, asked by MP Fatima Zahra Bata on behalf of the parliamentary group of the Justice and Development Party.

Laftit said measures taken to address water stress targeted several sectors and activities, including agriculture, industry and services which are known for excessive water consumption.

He explained that these measures “helped to strengthen citizens’ awareness of the importance of water and the need to treat this vital resource in a rational and responsible manner.”

The minister stressed that “despite the short period since the implementation of these measures, they have contributed to rationalizing water consumption significantly.”

He added: “Regarding the decision to close hammams for three days a week, taken to alleviate water stress and rationalize water consumption, it concerned all hammams, whether traditional or modern, without distinction, and the days chosen are generally not the days on which these installations experience a large crowd like the other days of the week.

Laftit insisted on the fact that “the efforts made to manage water stress will only bear fruit and achieve the expected results thanks to the strong contribution of citizens, and their positive commitment in the implementation of all decisions taken in this regard by public authorities.

As a reminder, the wilayas and prefectures of the Kingdom had issued, since last January, strict decisions aimed at rationalizing water consumption during the current year, in particular by limiting the flow of water in residential neighborhoods , reducing the working days of hammams and car washes, and banning the cultivation of watermelon.

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