Diesel and Petrol: Sales up nearly 3.75% in 2023


Annual sales of Diesel and Gasoline reached nearly 6.78 million tonnes, or approximately 8.12 billion liters in 2023, compared to 6.53 million tonnes (approximately 7.83 billion liters) in 2022, which constitutes an increase of almost 3.75%, reports the Competition Council.

For sales in value, and in the absence of availability of data on the overall turnover achieved on the distribution market for all operators combined, only the turnover of the nine companies concerned, representing nearly 90% of overall imports and 83% of the volumes sold are retained, specifies the Competition Council in a Report relating to the monitoring of commitments made by wholesale distribution companies for Diesel and Petrol within the framework of transactional agreements concluded with the Council.

The total turnover of the nine companies, achieved in the diesel and gasoline distribution segment (excluding marine fuel) amounts to 79 billion dirhams (billion dirhams) in 2023 compared to 85 billion dirhams in 2022, i.e. drop of around 7%.

In detail, the analysis of the distribution of sales in volume by customer segment for the year 2023 allows us to note that the network of service stations represents the majority of sales of diesel and gasoline for nine companies concerned, with a weighted average share of nearly 75%, while the B to B channel aimed at professional customers represents 25% of the overall volume sold in diesel and gasoline on the national market.

Regarding the evolution of the network of service stations, it appears that their total number at the end of 2023 reached 3,350 stations, of which approximately 75% were under the brand of the nine operators concerned, or 2,491 service stations.

Remember that the Competition Council, meeting as a college on November 13, 2023, approved the transaction agreements concluded with nine companies active in the markets for the supply, storage and distribution of diesel and gasoline and their professional organization.

These agreements provide, in addition to the payment of a settlement fine, the subscription, by each of the companies concerned as well as their professional organization, to a package of behavioral commitments aimed at responding to the competition concerns raised by the Council and, consequently , improve the competitive functioning of the hydrocarbon market.

Among these commitments, the communication by each of the companies concerned of quarterly reporting allowing the monitoring of the supply, storage and distribution activity of diesel and gasoline.

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