Tickets sold in foreign currencies: The Ministry of Transport calls Ryanair to order


Having noted that tickets for domestic flights operated by Ryanair were sold only in foreign currencies, the Ministry of Transport and Logistics indicated on Friday that it had reminded the Irish company of its commitments and decided to authorize it to operate its domestic flights. “exceptionally for a period of one month”.

In a press release, the ministry recalls that, as part of strengthening domestic air connectivity, it had authorized, on November 24, 2023, the airline Ryanair to operate, for the IATA SUMMER 2024 season (April to March inclusive) , 11 domestic airlines connecting 9 Moroccan airports.

This exceptional authorization, specifies the same source, was issued on the express condition that the sale of tickets be available in Dirham, which condition was accepted and confirmed by letter from the airline on November 29, 2023.

“Having noted that the tickets were only available for purchase through international Moroccan bank cards drawing on foreign currency endowments, the ministry reminded the company of its commitments on March 29, 2024 and ordered it to “comply with it as soon as possible,” explains the press release.

Finally, continues the same source, to avoid causing inconvenience to citizens who had already purchased their tickets and organized their travel accordingly, “the ministry has decided to allow Ryanair to operate its domestic flights exceptionally for a period of one month (starting Sunday March 31) while waiting for the company to comply with its obligations.”

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