In applauded move, official Dutch organization holds Moroccan-style Ramadan Iftar

Heba Press – Tariq Abla

In the presence of a distinguished Moroccan, presented by Mrs. Buthaina El Kardoudi El Kalali, Consul General of the Kingdom of Morocco, the Utrecht Fire Fighting Organization, an official Dutch institution, organized a Ramadan Iftar evening in the style Moroccan.

The breakfast ceremony took place in the presence of numerous Dutch and Moroccan officials, in addition to the Consul General of Morocco in Utrecht, who was present in traditional Moroccan attire, as well as Jaap Doncker, director general of the organization fighting against the Utrecht fires, known as VRU. The ceremony was also marked by the presence of Gilbert Isabella, mayor of the Hooten region and Iris Merz, mayor of Wojciech Peg Dorsted, as well as Yvonne Hundema, police chief of the central region of the Netherlands.

The ceremony was distinguished by purely Moroccan touches, and what also distinguished it was the presence of a number of talents of Moroccan origin from various Dutch cities and other personalities of origins and different religions.

This meeting is the first of its kind organized by the firefighters of the city of Utrecht, and it was an opportunity for the Consul General to promote this initiative because it reflects images of coexistence within Dutch society and also to highlight the values ​​of tolerance, integration and openness, which are values ​​anchored in Moroccan culture and in the Moroccan religious model which encourages interreligious and intercultural dialogue.

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