Government council to convene on Thursday

A Council of Government has been scheduled for Thursday, to be held under the chairmanship of Head of Government Aziz Akhannouch.

The Council will begin its work by examining the draft law amending the law forming the Commercial Code and setting transitional provisions relating to payment deadlines, said a statement from the department of the head of government.

The Council of Government will then examine a draft decree-law establishing provisions relating to the National Press Council and a draft decree on the extension of the duration of the state of health emergency established throughout the national territory to cope with the spread of COVID-19, the statement said.

It will also examine the Constitution of the African Civil Aviation Commission adopted in Dakar on December 16, 2009, as well as a bill approving the said text, before concluding its work by examining proposals for appointments to high office, in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution’s Article 92.

The government will then hold a meeting devoted to the examination of proposed legislation, the same source added.

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