Niger steps up and files a complaint against Algeria with the International Organization for Migration

Niger did not only summon the Algerian ambassador. In the case of the repatriation of irregular migrants from Algeria to Niamey, he decided to file a complaint with the International Organization for Migration.

The issue of migrants has become a subject of tension between Algeria and Niger. After the Algerian ambassador was summoned by the Niger Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it was the turn of a representative of the International Organization for Migration to be contacted. Niger’s foreign ministry said it had been informed of “the extensive repatriation and expulsion operations of irregular migrants carried out by the Algerian authorities in recent days.”

According to the press release from the Nigerien Ministry of Foreign Affairs, “the representative was alerted to this situation which, in addition to constituting an additional burden for the Nigerien authorities in the management of security and humanitarian affairs, also violates the dignity of the migrants themselves. “.

When summoning the Algerian ambassador to Niamey, Mehdi Boukheda, the Nigerien Ministry of Foreign Affairs described these operations as being carried out in conditions of non-compliance with the rules and undermining the dignity and security of Nigerien citizens and of their property.”

The Algerian ambassador was delivered a message to his country’s authorities, expressing concerns about the way Algerian security services are treating migrants, and stressing the need for planned repatriation operations of citizens and irregular migrants by the Algerian authorities be carried out with respect and taking into account the friendly relations between the two peoples.

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