Moroccan-Australian project to supply green hydrogen

Australian mining company Fortescue announced on Monday that it would begin a joint project with Morocco’s OCP Group to supply green hydrogen, ammonia and fertilizers to Morocco, Europe and international markets. The iron ore mining company aims to become a global force in green energy.

Fortescue’s equitable partnership with Moroccan fertilizer producer OCP includes the potential development of manufacturing facilities and a research and development center in Marrakech.

Fortescue said: “The aim of the partners is to supply green hydrogen and ammonia for use as green energy sources and in the manufacture of carbon neutral fertilizers and others with specific properties “.

The Australian mining company has significantly increased its investment in renewable energy projects in recent years to take advantage of the global transition to green energy and decarbonization.

The world’s fourth-largest iron ore mining company agreed in 2023 to invest about $750 million over the next three years in two green energy projects and one green steel project.

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