Security Council considers Palestine’s application for UN membership


The UN Security Council on Monday examined Palestine’s request to become a permanent member of the international organization.

In a letter addressed on April 2 to the Secretary General of the UN, Antonio Guterres, as well as to the Security Council, Palestine had relaunched the procedure to become a full member state of the United Nations.

Speaking at this meeting, Ambassador Permanent Representative of Malta to the UN, Vanessa Frazier, President of the Council for the month of April, transmitted the request to the Committee for Admission of New Members. This committee will hold a meeting this afternoon on the Palestinian request. The deliberations will continue throughout the current month, according to the Maltese diplomat.

In September 2011, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas launched the procedure requesting the membership of the State of Palestine in the UN. This procedure remained pending, according to the Palestinian ambassador, Ryad Mansour.

In November 2012, the General Assembly adopted a resolution granting Palestine observer status.

According to the Charter of the United Nations, the admission of a State is made by decision of the General Assembly, by a two-thirds majority, but only after a positive recommendation to this effect from the Security Council.

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