Morocco’s DGM expects locally heavy thundershowers in Oued Eddahab and Aousserd regions

Morocco’s Directorate General of Meteorology said Thursday that locally heavy thundershowers (20 to 50 mm) with gusty winds and thunderstorms (60/85 km/h) are expected at 3 p.m and will last until Friday at 10 a.m in the provinces of Oued Ed-Dahab and Aousserd.

The DGM further stated light rain will drop over the Rif, the north of the Oriental, and the Middle Atlas.

South provinces will also witness waves and thunderstorms, added the same source.

The DGM specified that minimum temperatures are around 07/14°C in the highlands, 23/30°C in the North-East and the south of the southern provinces, and 15/23°C everywhere else.

Maximum temperatures will be rising slightly in the southeast of the country, added DGM.

Sea fine in the Mediterranean, fine to moderate in the Strait, moderate between Cape Spartel and El Jadida, and moderate to moderate elsewhere, according to the same source.

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