Malaysian Foreign Ministry refutes false reports about ‘Sharif Muhammad Al-Idrisi Al-Hassani’

Heba Press – Rabat

The Malaysian Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement regarding the acquittal of Sharif Muhammad Al-Amin Al-Hassani Al-Idrissi from malicious rumors against him and the controversy that erupted around him in recent days, and refuted all rumors and false information. information disseminated by certain users of social networks.

The Malaysian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement: “To whom it may concern: This confirms that the Malaysian government has no record of violations relating to *Mr. Mohamed Amin Oraj Al-Hassani*, holder of Moroccan passport number: LV2791587”.

With this statement, the Malaysian government testifies that Sharif Muhammad Al-Amin Al-Hasani has not been subject to any arrest, interrogation, interrogation, accusation, violation, offense or summons from any party, as attests to his good conduct, and the declaration is addressed to the public.

It should be noted that Sharif Muhammad Amin Al-Hassani comes from an honorable and religious family that has belonged to the Zawiyah for centuries and that he is popular and admired among the different classes of his city in Fez and elsewhere, because his education was a combination of attachment to Moroccan traditions, university studies in Europe and international experience in preaching, until he became an influential and respected legal figure in Islam.

Amin Al-Hassani enjoys great popularity outside and inside Morocco, especially among clerics and Sufis, which testifies to his great influence on the global Islamic community, whose numbers are increasing in the countries Asian countries, particularly in Indonesia, the largest Islamic country in the world. , as well as in Malaysia and its surroundings.

Thus, Sharif Muhammad Amin Al-Hassani appears as an exceptional ambassador in the world of parallel diplomacy and moderate contemporary Islam in his unique Moroccan model of promoting peace between civilizations and religions under the benevolent consideration and politics rational of the Emirate of the Believers.

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