Evacuation of a new group of Moroccan citizens and their families from the Gaza Strip

An operation to evacuate a new group composed of 86 Moroccan citizens and their families from the Gaza Strip took place today, Tuesday, via the Rafah border crossing with Egypt.

The operation was coordinated and supervised directly by His Majesty’s Ambassador to the Arab Republic of Egypt, Mr. Mohammed Aït Ali, in coordination with the relevant Egyptian security authorities. This operation comes due to the current conditions in the Gaza Strip since October 7 due to Israeli escalation.

A number of beneficiaries of this operation expressed their gratitude to His Majesty King Mohammed VI and the Moroccan authorities who ensured the smooth running of the evacuation operation.

The Moroccan embassies in Egypt and Palestine have coordinated several evacuation operations since the start of the escalation in the region, allowing 375 Moroccan citizens and their families to leave Gaza via the Rafah crossing.

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