Dismantling of a counterfeiting network of truck license plate numbers active between ministries and Marrakech

In what is considered one of the largest operations nationally, authorities of the gendarmerie center “Al Dora” south of Tarfaya revealed, after the seizure of a fleet of counterfeit trucks during a control operation on a judicial roadblock during a routine vehicle check, the dismantling of a criminal network specializing in the counterfeiting of license plates, concerning a fleet of trucks of different sizes.

According to the newspaper’s sources, the vigilance of elements of the gendarmerie of the “Al Dora” center, under the regional command of El Aaiún, made it possible to discover the falsification of the serial numbers of one of the trucks, following research meticulous procedures carried out by the services of the scientific and technical laboratory of the royal gendarmerie.

A special and experienced team of the royal gendarmerie visited the cities of Marrakech and Ouarzazate, where the headquarters of one of the companies suspected of being behind the counterfeiting operation are located, continuing the ongoing investigations in this case .

The same sources confirmed that the investigations carried out revealed the falsification of the entire truck fleet, with the seizure of 16 trucks, placed under collective seizure in the centers of Al Dora, Marrakech and Ouarzazate.

At the same time, the competent public prosecutor’s office ordered the opening of an investigation into the case and the hearing of all drivers, managers and owners of the suspected company, with a view to referring them to the judicial authorities as soon as the preliminary investigations are concluded. , with a view to taking the necessary legal measures against them.

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