Spanish Prime Minister highlights excellent cooperation relations with Morocco

The Spanish Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, highlighted today, Wednesday during a session of Parliament, the “excellence” of cooperative relations with Morocco in all areas, affirming that his recent visit to the Kingdom, in February last, gave a new dynamic to bilateral relations.

Mr. Sánchez declared during a plenary session of Parliament: “We are linked by excellent cooperation with Morocco, particularly in the field of the fight against terrorism, illegal immigration and the mafia involved in drug trafficking. Human being “.
He also stressed that this cooperation also extends to the cultural and sporting fields, manifested through “the development of the Cervantes Institute network in Morocco and the organization of the Football World Cup with Morocco and Portugal. in 2030”.

Mr. Sánchez also welcomed the “improvement” of cooperation in the areas of security, finance and trade between the two countries, saying: “We are Morocco’s main trading partner, which constitutes an important growth platform for Spanish companies, with the development of major projects in the areas of renewable energy, water management, infrastructure and transport”, concluding by saying that “Morocco’s prosperity will be reflected in our prosperity” .

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