Tibu Africa and Capgemini Engineering Morocco encourage sports entrepreneurship among young people through sport and new technologies.


A high-impact partnership between the NGO Tibu Africa and Capgemini Engineering Maroc is designed to promote STEM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) through sport, particularly for the benefit of young people with disabilities. This partnership is characterized by targeted support for young sports entrepreneurs in the development of startups focused on sport and new technologies. It also offers specific support to these entrepreneurs, by highlighting the importance of STEM through innovative sports projects, within Station N, the incubator for entrepreneurship and social innovation through sport.

In the presence of guests, the media and all stakeholders, Mrs. Mouna Benazzou, Managing Director of Capgemini Engineering Morocco and Mr. Mohamed Amine Zariat, Ashoka Fellow and Founding President of the NGO Tibu Africa, carried out the renewal of the partnership agreement between the two organizations within Station N – Social Innovation Incubator.

This agreement between Tibu Africa and Capgemini Engineering Morocco is intended to encourage the inclusion and professional development of young sports enthusiasts, particularly those with reduced mobility. By combining Capgemini’s resources and expertise with Tibu Africa’s innovative initiatives, this collaboration aims to promote STEM skills and entrepreneurship through various programs. This includes support for the HandiSport school in Tibu for the development of motor and cognitive skills through sport, the creation of a social innovation incubator focused on sport and new technologies, and sponsorship of the Station incubator N for supporting young sports entrepreneurs. This partnership is a model for integrating STEM approaches into sport to strengthen social innovation, autonomy and the socio-economic integration of young people.

On this occasion, Mohamed Amine Zariat, President of the NGO Tibu Africa declared: “This collaboration between Tibu Africa and Capgemini Engineering Morocco demonstrates our common commitment to the socio-economic development of young people in Morocco, using the transformative power of STEMs, sport and new technologies to create a positive and lasting impact in our communities”.

He also added: “Together, we are determined to catalyze the potential of rising generations and young entrepreneurs, placing them at the heart of a model that promotes inclusion, innovation and empowerment.”

We are proud to announce the continuation of our partnership with Tibu Africa.

In 2023, we supported more than 400 young people from Casablanca in their discovery of STEM through sport. For 2024, we are extending our partnership to the Station N project – Incubator for social innovation through sport which aims to support sports and technology startups, while ensuring the continuity of our flagship mutual projects, namely: Tibu Wheelchair Basketball School and the second chance school, thus strengthening our social and inclusive impact, declares Madame Mouna Benazzou, Managing Director of Capgemini Engineering Morocco

Tibu Africa and Capgemini Engineering Maroc are opening new perspectives for young sports entrepreneurs, thus illustrating their common commitment to social innovation and sustainable development.

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