Memorandum of understanding between the Moroccan Logistics Development Agency (AMDL) and MedZ


The Ministry of Transport and Logistics has just indicated that a memorandum of understanding between the Moroccan Agency for Logistics Development (AMDL) and MedZ, has been signed for the implementation of a national zone program logistics.

This program will contribute to meeting a growing demand for logistics real estate, driven by a progressive sophistication of the Moroccan economy and by a necessary structuring of flows in urban areas, and constitutes a project for the convergence of public action in the service of competitiveness. territories.

This partnership constitutes a break in the operating mode, to support the acceleration initiated at the level of the infrastructure program piloted by the Agency, pillar of the National Strategy for the Development of Logistics Competitiveness.

The program aims to provide logistics land developed to the highest standards, intended to house logistics buildings and installations, at the level of zones of massification and concentration of flows of goods – nodes of the supply chain for improving efficiency and the performance of the national economy.

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