Algeria’s efforts to create an alternative Maghrebi bloc… a simple attempt to hide its isolation

Former ambassador Hassan Abdelkhaleq said that the Algerian regime’s efforts to establish a bloc with some countries in the region, replacing the Arab Maghreb Union, are nothing but a desperate attempt to target Morocco and serve its agenda in the region.
Abdelkhaleq believes that this attempt was clearly evident in recent statements by President Abdelmadjid Tebboune and his Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ahmed Attaf, who previously toured Libya, Tunisia and Mauritania, culminating in a tripartite meeting of presidents in margin of the summit of gas exporting countries in Algiers, at the beginning of last March, where it was decided to hold a “tripartite Maghreb meeting” every three months, with the first planned in Tunisia after Ramadan in April.

He emphasizes that the Algerian regime’s attempt to create this bloc aims to hide its isolation in its tense relations with some of its regional neighbors and certain Arab countries, and to get rid of the Arab Maghreb Union, which has not been a docile instrument to pursue its objectives of domination in the region.

Abdelkhaleq also noted that all the justifications put forward for the creation of this new bloc remain in vain, notably Tebboune’s declaration according to which this bloc is not directed against anyone, implicitly in reference to Morocco, thus justifying his regime’s desire to maintain Morocco outside this entity by claiming to have chosen other avenues of cooperation without consulting the countries of the region, such as its request for membership in the West African economic group.

The former ambassador stressed that this justification is weak, because Algeria itself did not consult other Arab Maghreb countries to present its request for membership in the Defense Cooperation Treaty Organization, which was rejected.

He added that Tebboune justified his action due to the absence of a bloc in North Africa guaranteeing coordination between his countries and the unification of their voice on certain international issues, similar to what exists in East Africa, West Africa and Southern Africa, stressing that this justification is unfounded, because there already exists a bloc in the region, the Arab Maghreb Union, which Algeria seeks to eliminate by creating an alternative to serve its agenda in the region, at the top of which is the continuation of its plots against Morocco and its territorial integrity and the imposition of its vision of domination.

Abdelkhaleq focused on Algeria’s continued and futile quest to exclude Morocco from mediation initiatives aimed at finding a solution to the Libyan crisis, as well as the search for a location to have a say on the situation in Libya.

He also said that the Algerian regime revealed its opposition to Morocco and the Arab Maghreb Union on the occasion of the appointment of the secretary general of the Arab Maghreb Union, Tayeb Bakouch, last year, a diplomat Moroccan responsible for leading one of the Union’s directorates, permanent representative to the African Union.

He added that before this incident, the Algerian regime had withdrawn its diplomats working at the headquarters of the Union, the last in July 2022, thus revealing its hidden intention to attack the Arab Maghreb Union, which it has failed to domesticate to serve its agenda in the region.

Abdelkhaleq stressed that the Algerian regime has officially revealed its desire to drown the region in axes on the ruins of the Arab Maghreb Union, its obsession being to want to isolate Morocco and dominate the other countries in the region, by emitting Tunisian President Kais Saied what he calls “The Carthage Declaration”, on December 16, 2021, following Tebboune’s visit to Tunisia. The latter declared in an opinion article which he titled “The Algerian regime seeks to create an alternative Maghrebi bloc… a desperate attempt to target Morocco”.

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