Marrakech is hosting, from today, the 3rd edition of the International Tree Forum: the importance of trees and forests in the preservation of water and biodiversity


From today April 12 until the 15th, Marrakech will host the 3rd edition of the International Tree Forum, a major event which will bring together international experts, environmental activists, representatives of non-governmental organizations and local authorities to discuss the importance of trees and forests in preserving water and biodiversity.

Organized by the Association Trees, Sciences and Tradition (ASET), the Averroès Foundation and the Ibn Al Baytar Association, with the support of the Cadi Ayyad University of Marrakech, this four-day forum will be an opportunity to exchange knowledge, share experiences and discuss innovative solutions to address the environmental challenges we face.

The organizers specify that this year’s theme, “Raising a forest – Planting water”, highlights the essential role of trees in attracting, conserving and regulating water on a global scale, participants will have the opportunity to explore the multiple dimensions of this vital relationship between trees, forests, water and life on Earth.

The program includes conferences, round tables, film screenings, exhibitions and outings, offering participants a unique opportunity to learn more about the latest advances in tree and forest conservation and water management. and protection of biodiversity.

The International Tree Forum aims to be a space for dialogue and collaboration, where participants can share their knowledge, ideas and projects for a more sustainable future. In this sense, the organizers invite all stakeholders concerned to join them for this exceptional edition and to help advance the cause of preserving our environment.

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