MareNostrum 5, one of the most powerful European computers in the world…will it one day be operational in Morocco?


The Council of the European Union, has made the promotion of technological innovation, the new European supercomputer MareNostrum 5 one of the most powerful computers in the world, a key element of the strategic independence of Europe, have indicated the initiators of this global scientific project.

MareNostrum 5, jointly funded by the European Union and a consortium of countries led by Spain, is part of the inner circle of the ten most powerful supercomputers in the world and one of the three most powerful computers in Europe (computer exascale), with a capacity 23 times greater than that of the current supercomputer, MareNostrum 4.

The new supercomputer, located at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, was recently recognized as the greatest supercomputer achievement of the year at the sector’s most important global conference, held last November in Denver, United States.

The new supercomputer is the largest European investment in Spanish scientific infrastructure, worth 202.8 million euros, of which 70 million was contributed by Spain.

Thanks to its unique architecture, the Marnostrum 5 will enable advances in different areas of knowledge, such as the development of digital twins of the planet or the human body to study climate change, improve personalized medicine, design healthier cities and more. sustainable or research new materials.

It will also address previously impossible scientific challenges in areas such as medicine and climate change, including the production of new energy sources.

The new MareNostrum 5 also features the world’s largest storage capacity, increasing from 15 petabytes on the MareNostrum 4 to 248 petabytes, with the potential for over 400 petabytes of long-term storage.

With a maximum computing power of 314 petaflops (meaning it can perform 314 million billion calculations per second), MareNostrum 5 ranks among the 10 most powerful supercomputers in the world and the three most powerful in Europe. It will be made available to a wide range of European users in science and industry from March 2024, and two quantum computers will be installed next year.

MareNostrum 5, which will enter service in early 2024, is designed to solve complex problems in the field and is therefore intended to strengthen European medical research, notably by supporting the development of drugs and vaccines, and by carrying out simulations of the spread viruses. It can also be used in fields such as climate, engineering or earth sciences

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