Five euros

The Algerian people are going through a growing purchasing crisis year after year, with the decrease in consumer products, particularly vegetables and fruits, including bananas whose price has reached 54 Moroccan dirhams, the equivalent of 5.3 US dollars per kilogram. The price of apples also reached 45 Moroccan dirhams.

A difficult economic situation is being faced by protests in Algerian streets, while the regime controlled by the generals has diverted gas and oil revenues to their bank accounts. A part is also invested in “acts of demonization” to create diplomatic crises between the Arab Maghreb Union, and the majority of the remaining funds intended for the Algerian people end up in the pockets of the children of generals and state officials , after establishing companies importing consumer products from the United States and Europe in foreign currencies.

Algerian citizens suffer from the scarcity of many food products on the markets and their rising prices, including semolina, milk and fruits such as bananas. Algeria has also experienced a potato shortage crisis in recent months, followed by an oil shortage crisis… which worsens the social situation of Algerian citizens who also complain about the rise in prices which exceeds their purchasing power.

The banana scarcity crisis and the high price in Algeria push the authorities to threaten to punish traders and to apply the law on speculation.

Instead of changing the behavior of Algerian government officials and their obedience to the dictations of the generals, and siding with the oppressed people, the Minister of Commerce and Export Promotion, Taïeb Zitouni, recently threatened, according to media affiliated with the generals’ regime, to pursue what he described as “speculators” by activating the law against “all those who try to impose the scarcity of bananas on the national market and increase their prices” . However, the real cause of the rise in prices of imported products is the fact that companies owned by the children and wives of state officials are behind it. It is perhaps telling that professional sources from Mauritania have revealed that a company headed by an Algerian official buys bananas from Morocco in bulk at a price of half a dollar per kilogram, and sells them to Algerian citizens for 3.5 dollars per kilogram.

This method adopted by officials of the Algerian regime seems to have been exported to Tunisia, where Algerian importers entered the Tunisian market and increased prices, revealing that President Kaïs Saïed handed over the destiny of his people to the merchants of crises through the front door. But in the near future, the true nature of the Tunisian president and his shortcomings will be revealed to his people, and they will understand that those who approach the “scabies” regime are affected by it.

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