FIFA held the first of four events on data protection and cyber security risks planned for 2024


FIFA highlighted best practices in cybersecurity and data protection at the first of four events on the subject, held in Zurich and online.

Prestigious speakers from the French National Commission for Information Technology and Liberties (CNIL) as well as the NFL also took the floor to share their experience and perspectives on prevention in the face of cyberthreats and confidentiality issues.

A true platform for exchange, this event aimed to provide sports organizations and professionals in the field with more in-depth knowledge on these subjects.

Their capital importance in the field of sport was thus underlined several times by the speakers, who recalled the need to collaborate and share information in order to proactively combat cyber threats as well as to stay abreast of the latest trends concerning the protection of data.

During the first part, Stéphanie Saulnier (CNIL) presented the golden rules for processing data relating to the health of athletes. Drawing on the work carried out by the CNIL ahead of the Summer Olympic Games in Paris, Ms. Saulnier detailed the legal bases for the processing of this type of data, returning to certain essential aspects as well as the regulations in force in order to to protect the rights and careers of athletes in the face of potential infringements or abusive use.

Subsequently, Tomás Maldonado and Lukas Loder, respectively Director of Information Security at the NFL and Head of Cybersecurity at FIFA, spoke about managing cybersecurity risks during major events. Mr. Maldonado spoke of the parallels between his past experiences within financial institutions and the challenges encountered during large-scale events, notably the objective of ensuring data security while providing a welcoming framework for all stakeholders.

The speakers did not fail to emphasize the importance of cybersecurity in the world of sport and entertainment, but also the need to cooperate and exchange information in order to effectively combat cyber threats. Mr. Maldonado explained that cybercriminals do not hesitate to collaborate on their part and that sports organizations must take collective measures to face them.

The event allowed participants to hear from industry experts, but also to share their own best practices, illustrating the benefits of dialogue and demonstrating the collective commitment of sports institutions to work tirelessly on data protection and cybersecurity in an ever-changing digital landscape.

This event on data protection and cyber security risks is the first organized in 2024. Three more are expected to follow during the year, with Jorge Oliveira e Carmo, head of FIFA’s Data Protection and Cyber ​​Security Risks department, having confirmed their held on a quarterly basis.

These meetings respond to FIFA’s desire to make football truly global by encouraging international cooperation on best practices in terms of confidentiality and security.

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