Safi Province: The hemodialysis center in “Had Hrrara”, a considerable contribution from the INDH to kidney patients

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Since its official launch in 2005, the National Initiative for Human Development (INDH) has continued to focus on improving health indicators for all targeted social strata both nationally and provincially. of Safi, at the heart of its priorities as is the case for patients suffering from renal failure.

This is how at the level of the province of Safi, the Initiative, as part of its 3rd Phase, is largely committed to alleviating the suffering of those with kidney failure, by constantly ensuring that they have better access to quality health care, to eliminate waiting lists and to reduce the pressure exerted on other health structures by setting up ultra-modern hemodialysis centers, even in rural areas, while equipped with the latest generation medical equipment.

One of the striking illustrations of this unwavering commitment of the INDH in favor of this category of patients is the Had Hrrara Hemodialysis Center registered within the framework of the “Support for people in precarious situations” program and whose, management was entrusted to the Support Association for Renal Insufficient Patients in Safi (ASMIR).

With a total cost of 5.60 million DH financed in full by the Initiative, this project includes construction, equipment, and management and supervision, while the Hrrara territorial municipality was responsible for to offer the lot of land and to bear the costs of connecting this health structure to the water and electricity networks.

As for the Safi Provincial Health Delegation, it is committed to providing this Center with the necessary medical and paramedical staff, to providing this health structure with the necessary medications and medical tools, and to ensuring follow-up. and the supervision of the association responsible for managing this Center.

This Center, which opened its doors in August 2023, includes several outbuildings, including a waiting area, a treatment room, an emergency room, a bathroom, a pharmacy, administrative outbuildings, rooms dedicated to nursing staff, a kitchen, and a Depot among others.

According to data from the Social Action Division (DAS) in the province of Safi, during the period 2019-2023, it was carried out within the framework of the National Initiative for Human Development, the construction, development, equipment and management of three hemodialysis centers in the commune of Safi, more precisely at the Mohammed V Hospital, and in the territorial communes of Hrrara and Jamaa Shaim.

These projects required the mobilization of a total budget envelope of around 14.47 million DH, including 12.38 million DH at the expense of the Initiative, dedicated to carrying out technical and architectural studies and construction, development and equipment works.

An amount of two million DH was allocated by certain benefactors to contribute to the equipment of these Centers, the same source adds.

In a statement to MAP, Abderrahim Habbaba, Head of the Social Action Division (DAS) under the prefecture of Safi province, recalled that the Had Hrrara Hemodialysis Center which was programmed by the Committee Provincial Human Development (CPDH) aims to provide aid and bring medical care closer to this social category from disadvantaged backgrounds in rural areas and above all, to clear waiting lists, particularly during the period linked to the crisis. health of Covid-19.

“This type of Center has made it possible to face several difficulties while allowing patients to benefit from their hemodialysis sessions free of charge,” he said.

In a similar statement, Rachid Aboussibaa, president of ASMIR praised the importance of this Center created within the framework of the INDH, recalling that during the Covid-19 period, there was the problem of moving patients to go treatment in Safi has imposed itself with all its weight, hence the initiative of the provincial authorities to create new hemodialysis centers in certain municipalities of the province, with the aim of alleviating the suffering of those with kidney failure .

It is in this sense that a Center was created in 2021 in the commune of Jamaa Shaim and the launch in 2023 of the Had Hrrara Hemodialysis Center, while another Center is being carried out at Sebt Guezzoula, he continued, noting that this Center has a capacity of 19 beds (each bed can accommodate up to 5 patients for 5 sessions per week).

The number of patients benefiting from the medical services of this Center currently stands at 12, while this health structure is equipped with the latest hemodialysis equipment, he added, expressing the great satisfaction of patients with the services. medical services offered by this Center.

In conclusion, he expressed the hope of seeing this type of initiative multiply in several other cities in the Kingdom given the importance of these Centers in terms of medical coverage and improvement in the quality of care. provided to patients.

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