Khouribga 2 local prison denies food poisoning of 90 inmates


The administration of the local Khouribga 2 prison on Friday denied allegations that 90 inmates suffered from food poisoning without being transferred to a hospital.

In an update responding to the allegations posted on social media pages, the administration said that “eight prisoners suffered digestive problems due to overeating, exhibiting some minor symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting and abdominal pain.”

The detainees concerned received the necessary care at the establishment’s clinic and their state of health does not give rise to any concern, assured the same source.

In this regard, the local prison administration denounces the use by certain parties of lies and dramatization with all that this could cause concern among the families of the inmates of the establishment, and reserves the right to resort to justice against the peddlers of such rumors aimed at harming the image of this establishment.

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