Jessica Muthoni Gakinya, future ambassador of Nairobi in Rabat: “explore the opportunities that are emerging for the marketing of Kenyan tea and coffee in Morocco”


During her appearance before the parliamentary committee on Defense, Intelligence and Foreign Relations, the future ambassador of Nairobi to Rabat Jessica Muthoni Gakinya showed herself determined to strengthen relations between Kenya and Morocco.

Jessica Muthoni Gakinya stressed the importance of encouraging Moroccan investors to establish a fertilizer factory in Kenya with a view to facilitating access to essential agricultural products for Kenyan farmers.

The current business development manager at Safaricom, the largest telecommunications provider in Kenya, has expressed her intention to explore emerging opportunities for marketing Kenyan tea and coffee in Morocco.

In a statement reported by the Kenyan press, the future ambassador of Nairobi to Rabat stressed that: “The inhabitants of the Kingdom of Morocco are consumers of green tea. I will work in partnership with stakeholders to market Kenyan green tea and coffee, leveraging the African Continental Free Trade Area and the ports of Tangier Med and Mombasa. The Moroccan population also consumes coffee. She buys her coffee from Indonesia and Vietnam, and with the African Free Trade Agreement, I would strongly encourage Morocco to source its coffee from Kenya.”

Jessica Muthoni Gakinya has not yet had the approval of the Kenyan Parliament. However, her ambitions aroused the interest of the president of the Parliamentary Defense Commission who indicated: “You are the first candidate to present yourself having done in-depth research and having understood the subtleties of the host country”.

The Kenyan press also recalled Morocco’s potential in the field of phosphates, demonstrating that “the establishment of an embassy in Morocco means that Kenya’s diplomatic presence in Morocco will move from an honorary consulate, headed by Ali Bajaber, to a full-fledged embassy with a resident ambassador”.

It should be noted that President William Ruto plans to make an official visit to Morocco in the coming weeks to discuss, in particular, the creation of a fertilizer factory in Kenya.

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