US presidential election: Towards a tight duel between Biden and Trump


A New York Times and Siena College poll published on Saturday suggests a close duel during the November 8 presidential elections in the United States between President Joe Biden and his predecessor and main rival, Donald Trump.

According to the new survey, the Republican candidate is only one point ahead (46%) over the Democratic candidate (45%), while he was ahead of him by five points (48%-43%) in February last.

For the New York Times, the improvement in the White House tenant’s performance shows that Democrats have begun to close ranks, despite persistent doubts about the state of the economy and concern over age Of the president.

The tightening of the polls is the latest evidence that the next election will be hotly contested between the two candidates, the publication said, recalling that the last two presidential elections were decided by tens of thousands of votes in a handful of key states.

In such a divided country, any change in support could prove decisive, comments the daily.

Another poll conducted last week by the Wall Street Journal gave Trump a wide lead in six key states (Pennsylvania, Michigan, Arizona, Georgia, Nevada and North Carolina).

The survey attributes the advance to “widespread voter dissatisfaction with the national economy and deep doubts about Biden’s abilities and job performance.”

The opinion poll gives the New York billionaire a lead of between 2 and 8% in these states in a test ballot including third-party and independent candidates. The Republican candidate has a similar lead when voters are asked to choose only between him and Biden.

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