Technological revolution/loss or theft of smartphones: Google introduced the “Find my device” functionality


Each of us has always had the trouble of thinking about losing our phone, just like it can be stolen. It is then a question of losing one’s mind not knowing where to turn since this laptop contains intrinsic confidentiality which must absolutely not fall into the hands of anyone in addition to knowing that one’s laptop which costs a fortune will have to be sold elsewhere at a low price and for nothing!

The loss or theft of smartphones has become commonplace and a source of stress and discomfort for many users. Therefore and for greater security and peace of mind, Google introduced the “Find my device” functionality at the annual Google I/O conference.

This long-awaited feature is now officially launched, with a gradual rollout to all Android devices starting April 8.

This feature, as the name suggests, aims to help users better locate their devices in the event of loss or theft.

“Find My Device” provides peace of mind by keeping personal data secure and making it easier to recover lost devices.

The initial rollout of “Find My Device” is focused on the US and Canadian markets, where users will be able to benefit from this functionality immediately. However, Google plans to gradually expand the availability of this feature to other countries in the coming months, providing an ever-increasing number of users with the opportunity to take advantage of this valuable and secure feature.

With this feature, users will be able to find a lost Android smartphone or tablet by ringing it or displaying its location on a map in the Find My Device app. They will even be able to locate them when they are offline, assures Google in a blog note. It will also be possible for Pixel 8 and 8 Pro owners to find their smartphones when they are turned off or the battery is discharged.

Starting in May, the app will also provide assistance to Android device users in locating trackers compatible with Chipolo and Pebblebee’s network, making it easier to find keys, luggage or even a misplaced wallet.

For Apple, Bluetooth beacons will also be compatible with the unknown tracker alert system developed by Apple and Google to warn users who are being tracked without their consent and without their knowledge.

A collaboration which also delayed the launch of “Find my device”, due to Apple’s slowness in sharing its data allowing it to identify intrusive Airtags.

Bluetooth trackers can also be shared with family and friends. A useful feature for people sharing apartment keys or a TV remote control.

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