World Congress of Dynamic Psychiatry, April 16 to 20 in Marrakech


An international Congress under the theme “Social Challenges – Shared Responsibility in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy” will be held from April 16 to 20 in Marrakech, at the initiative of the Moroccan Society of Dynamic Psychiatry.

“Thus, the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy of Marrakech will welcome the big names in world psychiatry,” the organizers indicated in a press release.

This Congress aims to integrate global social issues such as the climate crisis and pandemics, and to promote interdisciplinary research.

Quoted in the press release, Professor Nikolaj G. Neznanov, president of the World Society of Dynamic Psychiatry (WADP), who will participate in this Congress, indicated that It is important to have a holistic approach to dynamic psychiatry to understand the Mental Health.

Professor Neznanov did not fail to warmly welcome the evolution of ideas and concepts, particularly through the publication of articles on the lived experience of psychosis by the WADP, adds the same source.

He highlighted the emergence of a new paradigm namely the health ecosystem, calling for a multi-stakeholder approach to solve social challenges, which are sometimes at the root of mental problems.

Despite progress, some problems persist, such as stigma, he added, emphasizing the need to combine efforts to tackle them.

For her part, Professor Maria Ammon, Secretary General of the WADP, highly welcomed the holding of this international Congress which will see the participation of international specialists in social psychiatry.

Professor Ammon highlighted the importance of understanding conflict processes and finding solutions, while committing to avoiding simplistic “scapegoating” solutions and integrating the notion of collective and shared responsibility.

“The contributions of the human sciences are strongly awaited to help resolve social challenges for the well-being of patients,” said, for his part, Dr Hachem Tyal, president of the Moroccan Society of Dynamic Psychiatry and one of the initiators of the organization in Morocco of this Congress.

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