A sub-Saharan national, suspected of assault and battery followed by death, arrested in Kenitra


Elements of the prefectural service of the judicial police of Kénitra arrested, on Saturday, a sub-Saharan national in an irregular situation in Morocco for his alleged involvement in a case of assault and battery with a blade leading to death, it was reported indicated from a security source.

The facts date back to the end of last January after the discovery of the body of a vagrant in an abandoned building in the city center and bearing traces of violence, using a blunt object.

The investigations carried out, supported by the expertise of the scientific and technical police, made it possible to identify and arrest the suspect in Kenitra, but also to link him to a similar crime perpetrated in 2022.

The accused was placed in police custody for the purposes of the investigation carried out under the supervision of the competent public prosecutor’s office in order to understand the ins and outs of this case and to determine the motive behind these criminal acts.

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