Military report: the Moroccan army, the first in North Africa, is ahead of its Algerian counterpart

Another report, ranking the Moroccan army among the most powerful in Africa and the Arab world, highlights its progress in terms of logistics and personnel professionalism.

In this context, a military report published by the “Military Africa” institution ranks the Moroccan army at the top in the Maghreb region, surpassing other armies in the region such as the Algerian and Tunisian army.

According to this same ranking, the Moroccan army occupies first place in the list of the most powerful armies in the Maghreb region and second in Africa after the Egyptian army, particularly with regard to advanced equipment, particularly drones. , which have become a crucial element in conflicts over the past ten years.

According to data from the aforementioned military report, the Moroccan army currently has more than 233 drones acquired from different suppliers.

The report ranks Morocco second in Africa in terms of possession of advanced combat drones, after Egypt, which has more than 260 drones in its arsenal.

The report also ranks the Nigerian army third among African armies, with 177 drones, followed by the Ethiopian army with around 126 drones, while Algeria ranks fifth with fewer than 121 drones, followed by its ally the South Africa with less than 100 drones.

It should be noted that the report only mentions combat drones acquired by African armies from foreign manufacturers, and does not include locally manufactured drones. Morocco is the only African country to have launched this industry and has a fleet of locally manufactured drones.

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