Dj Hamida promotes Amazigh culture in a new music video

Dj Hamida released a song from his upcoming summer album, “A la Bien,” featuring the Amazigh singer Aicha Maya.

“La Princesse du Berbere Gang” is currently trending on Moroccan youtube.

Shot in Oum Er-Rbia, the second-largest river in Morocco and it passes through the city of Khenifra.

The video shows two artists, Dj Hamida and Aicha Maya I the river, alongside dancers wearing traditional Amazigh dresses of the region of Zayan from the middle atlas regions.

This is not Dj Hamida’s first time promoting Amazigh heritage.

In 2019, he dedicated a song to the deceased Amazigh icon, Mohamed Rouicha.

The song is called Zinaoua, featuring Laila Chakir and LECK. It has almost 47 million views in total.

Just like in this recent video, Zinaoua’s music video shows elements of the Amazigh heritage such as traditional dresses, a headpiece called ‘Sebnia’, and a musical instrument called Loutar that the late artist Rouicha was famous for playing.

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