Social dialogue: The CDT calls for improving incomes in the public and private sectors


The Democratic Confederation of Labor (CDT) called, Monday in Rabat, for an improvement in income in the public and private sectors, in a context marked by an increase in prices in recent years.

The government is called upon to accelerate the implementation of the commitments of the agreement of April 30, 2022, so as to respond to the demands of the working class, particularly with regard to the increase in wages, indicated the Deputy Secretary General of the CDT, Bouchta Boukhalfa, at the end of the meeting of a delegation representing this trade union center in particular with the Minister of Economy and Finance, the Minister of Economic Inclusion, Small Business, Employment and Skills, the Minister Delegate responsible for the Digital Transition and Administration Reform and the Minister Delegate responsible for the Budget.

This meeting was also an opportunity to exchange points of view, to continue the debate within the framework of the rounds of social dialogue and to examine all sectoral files, he added in a statement to the press.

Concerning the files on the social dialogue agenda, the deputy general secretary of the CDT affirmed that negotiations are continuing with the aim of reaching a solution acceptable to all parties.

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