Work on the Rabat stadium continues… will it be ready to host the CAN?

The construction process of the new Rabat stadium continues at a breakneck pace, with workers working day and night, seven days a week, to speed up operations due to time constraints.

The first inspection, according to several experts, suggests that the stadium will be ready before the expected delivery date of early next year, while international reports suggest the opposite, saying it will be impossible for the stadium to be ready before the end of next year.

In this context, the teams of the companies responsible for the construction of the Rabat stadium face a particular challenge: to complete the project within the set deadlines and to prove that the impossible is not Moroccan, that the Moroccan people like challenges to demonstrate their capabilities and excellence in various fields.

The main works have reached approximately 40%, with the completion of the foundations and the construction of the first stand. Construction of the second and third stands has begun, although the rate of progress varies between parts of the stadium.

Alongside the construction of the upper stands, interior work began, with new teams of workers tasked with specific tasks inside the stadium. The work takes place in parallel because interior work requires a lot of time and great precision.

If all goes as planned, the stadium will be ready to host the CAN matches and work will continue immediately after the end of the African sporting event. In the second phase, the stadium will be covered and fully equipped with the latest sports field technologies.

The Rabat stadium, whose construction is widely followed by Moroccans, due to its importance and the challenge faced by the Kingdom, is criticized by many detractors and enemies of success, claiming that the demolition of the old stadium and the building a new one is a bad choice. Some go so far as to say that the stadium will not be ready. However, they forget that they are talking about a country whose people do not know the meaning of the impossible, but transform the impossible into possible, and that the year 2025 is not far away, so that the whole world can see what “Why not the Moroccan” means?

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