A horrible crime shakes the region of El Jadida… A young man attacks his father

The commune of Moulay Abdellah, in the region of El Jadida, was shaken yesterday evening, last Tuesday, around 10 p.m., by a bloody crime, which cost the life of an elderly man, after his own son attacked violently in mysterious circumstances. This caused deep consternation among residents and the public.

The reasons for this crime, committed by the culprit against one of the local figures, remain unknown. This is also the second murder case in El Jadida in less than a week. Indeed, the capital of Doukkala had woken up, the previous Thursday, second day of Eid al-Fitr, at the scene of a crime where a young man in his twenties had been stabbed to death in the abdomen by his opponent.

Furthermore, the capital of Doukkala, which won the prize for the best clean city in Morocco in 1979, is now described as the city of garbage, pollution and crime. The manifestations of crime have become alarming, and drugs in all their forms have invaded its neighborhoods. Its streets are now even known as “Bogota”, in reference to the capital of Colombia, where drug gangs are active. This can be followed in the series “Narcos”, about Pablo Escobar, the most famous drug trafficker of all time, one of the worst historical figures for Colombians.

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