8th International Meeting of Para Athletics Moulay El Hassan: Hamid El Aouni, president of the FRMSPSH, has already won his bets with the presence of the president of the wpa and 32 world champions


The 8th International Meeting of Para Athletics Moulay El Hassan is once again with us in Marrakech from next Friday April 26 with more attraction and liveliness on a sporting, human, educational, informative and tourist promotional level for the Kingdom of Morocco and which will be notably enhanced by the effective presence of MM. Andrew Parsons president of the International Paralympic Commission (IPC) and Paul Fitzgerald president of the International Paralympic Athletics Federation (WPA)

Having therefore acquired the essential credibility with the International Federation, the FRMSPSH was able to bring in a record of participating countries from the 05 Continents which amounts to 68: Australia 01, South America 03, North America 04, Europe 12, Asia 14 and Africa 34… Just as well for the Athletes whose number equals 450: 390 Men and 141 Women in addition to 34 Race Assistants

That said, the Meeting will contain 130 officials, 80 volunteers, 50 organizers, 20 doctors and assistants, 16 classified and 02 WPA with, on the other hand, the presence of 32 Champion Athletes at the performances of the Grand Prix of all Continents

If Hamid El Aouni, the president of the FRMSPSH, was unable to obtain sufficient official sponsors capable of supporting him in many respects, it was nevertheless the Ministry of National Education, Preschool and Sports which took action. is fully committed to this Meeting both financially and on the human side with its executives, as well as a Mineral Water but above all luxury speakers who were more closely interested in certain aspects of everything that relates especially to the Paralympic like the Korean officials in the persons of Mr. Jung Jinowan president of the Korean Paralympic Committee and Mr. Bae Jong Hyon Manager of the BDH Para Foundation who last year signed a partnership agreement with the president of the FRMSPH who consists of coming to the aid of all the African countries playing in this Meeting which will therefore benefit from subsidized aid for this Meeting but also from preparations for the Paralympic Games and the Paris 2024 World Championships, Morocco also being included and will benefit of this laudable initiative

We will remember that full success for this 8th Moulay El Hassan International Para Athletics Meeting has already been achieved. Good luck dear El Aouni

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