Good recovery Aziz Benzahra the famous FAR fan and president of a FAR supporters association,


Aziz Benzahra, the famous FAR fan and president of a FAR supporters’ association, had just undergone an operation which ended in success

Certainly the case would have been much more difficult for Aziz on a moral level but the considerable contribution of thousands of friends, relatives, cousins ​​and neighbors was able to contain this situation which was finally able to restore Aziz’s confidence and who knew how to fully boost morale as we have always had the opportunity to see him enthusiastic, optimistic, courageous, confident, generous, altruistic, good-natured and a being with an extraordinary approach…a being loved by all, from all categories of the country of Tangier to Dakhla, to Oujda and Al Hoceima and Nador where he has established considerable friendships, since he is known throughout the national territory

Aziz is now convalescing but has managed to get through it wisely, surrounded every day by hundreds of people who come to learn about his health, which is improving very quickly and who, as soon as possible, will be seen more smiling and happy

Get well dear Aziz

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