Lesieur Cristal Reveals its New Visual Identity: A Strategic Step Towards an African Ambition


Lesieur Cristal, leader in agro-industry in Morocco and Africa, unveils its new visual identity. This development illustrates an innovative and contemporary approach, reinforcing its commitment to sustainability and its deep connection with Africa.

Lesieur Cristal’s new identity merges its historic Moroccan roots with its modern aspirations. It highlights its connection with the African continent through a graphic interpretation of its map, while retaining the historical diamonds. The colors chosen reinforce this combination: red, a reminder of his Moroccan heritage and brown, witness to his commitment to “Serve the Earth”.Mr. Brahim Laroui, Managing Director of Lesieur Cristal, underlines the strategic importance of this development: “This change goes well beyond a simple aesthetic update. It demonstrates our desire to consolidate our positioning to better serve Africa in the long term. »

This transition is part of a broader approach, reaffirming Lesieur Cristal’s commitment to sustainable development and the well-being of the continent. Through its subsidiaries, Cristal Tunisie and Oleosen (Senegal), and with the support of AVRIL (its reference shareholder), the Lesieur Cristal group aims to contribute to the development of the countries where it operates by creating local jobs, developing skills and strengthening the capacities of local communities.

This evolution of identity strengthens Lesieur Cristal’s presence in Africa, making the group a true development partner for the continent.

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