Two individuals, including a Lebanese, arrested in Berkane for hacking phone calls


Police officers from the Berkane provincial security district arrested, on Tuesday, two individuals, including a Lebanese national, suspected of undermining automated digital data processing systems and hacking telephone calls, we learned from security source.

Preliminary data from the investigation reveal the involvement of the suspects in the hacking of national communications networks, according to a criminal modus operandi which consists of the use of electronic devices to divert international telephone calls to the local network and generate revenue through price differentiation, the same source specifies.

The searches carried out as part of this case led to the seizure of mobile devices, four cell phones, as well as around ten SIM cards and electronic and computer equipment which would have been used in this criminal activity.

The accused were placed in police custody at the disposal of the judicial investigation carried out under the supervision of the competent public prosecutor’s office, in order to determine the ins and outs of this case and apprehend the other accomplices, we also add. source.

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