Bensaid: “Youth and culture at the heart of the development project in Morocco”


Youth and culture are two essential components at the heart of the development project in Morocco, said Thursday the Minister of Youth, Culture and Communication, Mohamed Mehdi Bensaid.

The minister, who was speaking at a conference, organized by the National School of Administration (ENSA), around the theme “Innovation and creativity in Moroccan culture: what prospects for youth? », highlighted the important role that youth have continued to have in the promotion of national culture, noting that this social category, aged 15 to 24, representing in 2022 a share of 16.2 % of the total population in Morocco, has been the subject of multiple socio-cultural transformations.

He observed, in this regard, that culture represents the future of the Moroccan economy, stressing that this sector must be at the center of public policies.

Mr. Bensaid recalled, in this sense, the rich heritage of cultural heritage that the Kingdom of Morocco conceals, evoking, among other things, crafts, cinema, music and festivals which have given Moroccan culture recognition. universal.

On this occasion, he reviewed government guidelines aimed at promoting culture at the national level, emphasizing the importance of cultural and creative industries in achieving economic development.

The Director General of ENSA, Nada Biaz, for her part, noted that this conference takes place as part of the celebration of 75 years of ENSA, noting that the organization of this type of meeting aims to highlight the different issues facing society.

She noted that “youth represents the backbone of the nation”, stressing that it is essential to explore the perspectives of innovation and creativity in Moroccan culture.

Ms. Biaz insisted, in this sense, on the need to encourage the emergence of new ideas around the development of youth talents to ensure sustainable and harmonious development of the country.

This conference was attended by several personalities from the political, diplomatic and economic worlds, as well as professors and students from ENSA.

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