Moroccan phobia raises the level of hostility among Algerian soldiers

Since its independence in the sixties of the last century, the leaders of Algeria have made hostility towards Morocco a constant doctrine, a principle from which only President Boumediene deviated before the military, feeling that “If El Tayeb » (Boumediene’s nickname) was determined to shake this doctrine and restore the values ​​of good neighborliness with Morocco, rushing to assassinate him live in a shocking scene which translates “state terrorism”. Since then, Algeria has not hesitated to transfer its conflict with Morocco from the diplomatic and political domain to the sporting domains, deliberately paving the way for wide popular attention fueled by the media affiliated with the Algerian military regime, which never fails at every opportunity to spread the venom of hostility and division between the two peoples, as happened yesterday when customs officers insisted on confiscating the luggage of Raja Club Athletic players and detaining them at Houari airport Boumediene in Algiers because of shirts displaying a map which angered the “elders” because it shows Morocco with its Saharan territories.

The Algerian regime, in its ugly dictatorship yesterday, while showing off its muscles to the players of the Raja Club Athletic, opposed the sportsmanship, the laws governing sport and the ethics of hospitality, confirming without question shadow of a doubt that it has reached record levels in the display of hostility in an area supposed to be a sanctuary of values ​​and ethics, far from the political and diplomatic struggles where the palace of the people is more capable of making gains for the benefit of its agent, the Polisario Front, the separatist movement.

The Algerian military’s insistence on involving their hostile political positions towards Morocco in football has also contributed significantly to creating a considerable distance and gap between the two peoples, preventing any rapprochement between the two countries in the short or medium term, unless the “elders” of the palace are uprooted and the way is opened to a political change which would put an end to the maneuvers of personalities like Chengriha and his acolytes, who feed on the poison of hostility towards Morocco and conspiracy theory.

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