A must read. The eminent journalist Karim Dronet has just released an impressive book: “My Invisible”


He is one of the pioneers of journalism in Morocco where he has and continues to leave an impressive mark both with the Institutions he attended and those he still manages with merit.

Karim Dronet, because it is about him, was forever this good-natured, credible, esteemed and highly recognized journalist by his colleagues and by all Moroccans here and elsewhere.

Karim, I like to call him that, has continually had an undeniable friendly and professional approach because to deduce his journey through journalism, he is a real School from which so many young people have been able to learn.

I recognize that our friendship was long, full of respect, also marked by mutual sympathy and which persists not only through me but also with countless colleagues.

Karim, today, agrees to want to reveal his Being and present it to us in his own way with more finishing and meticulousness and it is just a godsend for all of us to discover it as it is told in his new book that he has just published under the title “My Invisible” and which will, without the slightest doubt, be a hit on all levels

I would add that Karim never ceases to seduce me because he reminds me of the late Kadmiri Ken whom I greatly admired when I met him the day I started at L’Opinion in 1979, or three months later he left for “Le Matin”. Memories…memories…

Here are attached the first “lights” of the Book of Karim:


An autobiographical essay and an introspection into the world of journalism which sheds intimate light on the forces that drive our path in life.

An initiatory journey and a spiritual quest which also led me from the shores of Brittany to the beaches of Casablanca via the tribal zones of Pakistan and the sands of the Moroccan desert.

From my beginnings on 2M television to my travels around the world, including my experiences as an all-terrain journalist, I reveal some notable episodes from a life rich in lessons and emotions.

From a childhood marked by the sudden and violent loss of my father to my encounters with exceptional personalities from the sporting world, I share here particular moments which marked my existence, those which forge a future and modify a destiny.

Born on March 8, 1963 in Nantes, in the West of France (Loire-Atlantique), Karim Dronet took his first steps in journalism at the University Institute of Technology of Talence, near Bordeaux, where he graduated from the Careers of Information department in 1984. After a year of law at the University of Bordeaux III, in 1985 he made his professional debut at Alouette FM radio, in Les Herbiers in Vendée. Then, in June 1986, he made a long journey with his two childhood friends which took him to Calcutta in India, on foot, by hitchhiking, by plane or by train. In 1989, he arrived in Morocco to set up the Sports department of the second television channel 2M where he worked as a sports journalist until 2011. Karim Dronet is currently presenter of news bulletins on Atlantic Radio and correspondent for BBC Africa. He is also the founder of the portal www.sportpro.ma dedicated to sports business and sports governance.

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