From May 1, French transport companies are increasing the costs of their services to Morocco

In a sudden and unexpected decision, French transport companies have decided to increase the costs of their services to Morocco from May 1.
According to internal data, companies operating in the field of maritime transport from French ports to ports in the Kingdom of Morocco have decided to increase the prices of their services to Morocco.

These companies attributed this increase in transport costs to Morocco to rising energy costs, which significantly increased their expenses, and therefore considered the increase in their rates to be natural.

The French company CMA CGM, renowned in the field of maritime transport, was the first to adjust transport costs to and from Morocco from May 1.

The increase in transport costs for goods from French ports should lead to an increase in their prices on Moroccan markets, and therefore a further increase in the prices of many imported products.

Moroccan professionals, whose business activities largely depend on importing goods from France and exporting their products to other countries via French transport companies, fear that this decision will affect their import operations and shipping.

It should be noted that French companies operating in the transport sector impose additional fees on some other countries with which they deal, but a significant proportion of their services concern Moroccan importers and traders to a greater extent.

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