Abdeljalil: “The government is committed to developing skills in aeronautics”


The government is committed to supporting training and the development of skills necessary for the growth of the aeronautics sector, said Thursday in Casablanca, the Minister of Transport and Logistics, Mohamed Abdeljalil.

Speaking on the occasion of the inauguration of the extension of the Safran Aircraft Engine Services Morocco (SAESM) site in Nouaceur, Mr. Abdeljalil noted that decree No. 2.23.681 relating to the design, production, maintenance and airworthiness of aircraft approved by the Government Council demonstrates this commitment, believing that skills and adaptation of training are the foundations of operational excellence in air transport safety.

In this sense, he affirmed the Executive’s determination to achieve operational excellence and air transport security, as well as the promotion of Morocco as a tourist destination of first choice.

And to recall that Morocco adopts a policy of openness through the signing of several air agreements, in particular the “open sky” concluded with the European Union (EU), highlighting the development policy of national airlines, as well as continued investments in airport infrastructure to guarantee the quality of services and flight safety.

Regarding the achievements of the air transport sector, Mr. Abdeljalil noted a significant improvement in its performance, expressing the government’s aspiration to reach more than 60 million passengers by 2035, through the continuation of the policy liberalization of the air transport services market, increasing airport capacity and strengthening security.

And to conclude that the development of Royal Air Maroc (RAM) would reinforce the positive dynamic in the air transport sector.

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