ARC33: Need to strengthen African cooperation to develop sustainable agriculture


African panelists participating in the 33rd session of the Regional Conference of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) for Africa pleaded, Friday in Rabat, in favor of strengthening African cooperation in the areas of the fight against climate change, the preservation of biodiversity and the development of sustainable agriculture.

According to them, concrete collective actions are essential to make agri-food systems more productive and more environmentally sustainable, which requires resources, knowledge sharing, international cooperation and support for stakeholders along the chain. of agri-food value.

They also noted Africa’s needs for more effective policies and increased investments in agricultural public goods, scaling up digital solutions for agriculture and developing innovative financing schemes through public partnerships. -private.

Creating resilient food systems involves establishing intra-regional solutions for the food value chain, farm-level solutions and strengthening regional capacities to manage agricultural risks, the panelists explained.

Speakers also emphasized the need to accelerate the adoption of partnerships in these areas, noting that the African continent requires significant investments from governments, the private sector and international donors to develop economies resilient to change. climate, particularly in the sectors of agriculture, food security and infrastructure. The FAO Regional Conference for Africa, which continues until April 20, has the theme “Resilient agri-food systems and inclusive rural transformation” and is intended to be a strategic regional platform focused on food security and rural development in Africa .

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